Meet the Maker

Inspired by family stories and traditions, Lamb to Loop is about bringing natural warmth and beauty into the home and sharing the art of knitting with you in an unexpected and bold new way.  
The story of Lamb to Loop begins when my family, descendants from Dutch colonists, emigrated from Indonesia to the Netherlands in the early 1950's. My mother had learned to knit during the war and after arriving in the Netherlands she further developed her skills to make just about anything to keep warm during the long winter months. What started as a necessity became a real passion. Many years later she shared her passion with me and knitting became one of my favorite pastimes.
Calling on my early love of knitting I decided to give new meaning to this old world tradition with the creation of Lamb to Loop.  The entire line is made from oversized, super bulky Merino yarn that is hand crafted by artisans right here in the United States. Merino wool has long been prized for being the finest wool available. I'm pleased to bring you a line of blankets and accessories that is naturally sophisticated, 100% pure and hand knit with love in Woodside, California.

Founder & Fiber Artist